When Is It Time To Replace Plumbing Fixtures?


Generally speaking, your home’s plumbing system has a very direct way of letting you know when something goes wrong. You may notice water pooling on the floor, spots on the ceiling or wall or even a pipe that has sprung a leak, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to your fixtures, signs of trouble may not be as obvious. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace that faucet, the toilet bowl or the shower head? Find out below!

Signs It’s Time To Replace A Faucet

A leaky or dripping faucet is a pretty clear indication that it needs to be replaced, or repaired at the very minimum. After all, it’s wasting water and causing your utility bills to skyrocket. But it’s not always as easy as that. Sometimes, a faucet’s internal components can wear down without showing any visual signs.

Pay attention to the water pressure coming out of the faucet. If it doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it once was, it may be time for a replacement.

Similarly, keep your ears open to strange sounds. A properly working faucet shouldn’t make much noise, other than the sound of flowing water. If you start hearing whistling, banging, humming or any other sounds of the like, you may have a problem on your hands and it could mean you have outdated or faulty hardware.

Signs It’s Time To Replace A Toilet

A crack in the bowl or a damaged tank once again is a clear sign that your toilet needs to be replaced. After all, continuing to use a broken bowl will only lead to major headaches. But those aren’t the only two things you should be looking out for…

Don’t neglect the sound of constant running water in the toilet. You should only hear this noise for about 3-10 seconds — any more than that could mean you have a leak in the tank or that the flapper isn’t closing properly after a flush.

Sometimes, a running toilet is a simple fix — a quick adjustment of the flapper or the chain, but other times, it may be more beneficial to replace the entire fixture. After all, a running or leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day!

Signs It’s Time To Replace A Shower Head

This plumbing fixture is likely one you don’t pay much attention to. You turn the water on, hop in the shower and clean yourself off and then go about your day. But when a shower head isn’t working properly, we’ll bet you’ll start paying attention to it.

Poor water volume could mean your pipes are corroding or that there’s a blockage somewhere in the line, but it can also mean the components of the shower head have seen better days. Even “low-flow” models on the market today shouldn’t sacrifice adequate water pressure, so pay attention if you start noticing changes in water volume.

In addition to a lack in pressure, shower heads may need to be replaced if they tend to leak well after you shut the water off. We’re not talking just a few seconds while you’re drying off, but if you continue to hear droplets falling five to ten minutes after you leave the bathroom, chances are there’s an issue with the shower head itself.

There are also a number of other issues that can arise that indicate it’s time to replace your shower.

Signs It’s Time To Replace A Water Heater

Does your water have a rusty color or a foul odor as it exits your plumbing fixtures? Even if your city isn’t known for particularly clean water, this shouldn’t be the case. These signs could indicate a problem with your water heater — in particular, a worn out sacrificial anode rod.

These rods are designed to attract corrosive and bacterial elements commonly found in water that passes through the tank and when they start failing, your water and your fixtures will pay the price.

We depend on our plumbing fixtures to make modern life possible. You may not think twice about the faucet in your bathroom, the ice maker in your kitchen, or the water heater that provides everything with hot water on-demand. However, when it comes to replacing these features or making sure a new one is installed properly, a simple mistake could cause it not to work right and even risk serious damage to your home.

When you demand a job done right for your home, Aztec Plumbing & Drains delivers. Call us today at 239-932-2959 to schedule an appointment or receive an estimate for new plumbing installations.

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