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Hydro Jetting Services in Fort Myers, FL

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If it seems like one or more of your drains are all slowing down or stopped up at the same time, the problem may not be with the drain itself, but rather an issue further down your piping. The different branches of your drain lines all eventually come together, and that means clogs and blockages could affect multiple drains in your home at once. When this is the case, our plumbers may be able to resolve the problem with a hydro jetting service.

This quick, effective, and non-invasive procedure obliterates blockages and gets your drain and sewer lines running smoothly again. Get your drain lines flowing again - call (239) 232-2012.

What Is The Process of Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting involves using a jet of water under extremely high pressure to obliterate clogs and scrub the walls of your pipes in order to remove obstructions that are causing slow or stopped drains.

The process is fairly simple:

  • After locating the clog and determining the overall health of your drain lines, we feed a specialized nozzle attachment on the end of a plumbing line through an access port on your drain line or through your sewer line.
  • The nozzle is attached to a pressure washer, which forces water out of the jet at pressures above 5,000 PSI.
  • As we feed the nozzle up the drain line, the main water jet on the front obliterates any obstructions or clogs it comes across, while smaller jets along the sides scrub the walls of your pipes.
  • Once the obstruction has been completely cleared, we pull the nozzle back out from your pipes, which flushes away any remaining debris that could still be present.

This process should leave the inside of your pipes almost as clean as they were the day they were first installed!

When Is Sewer Line jetting Not the Right Course of Action?

Hydro jetting is not right in all situations, such as in cases where your plumbing line may be worn out or have already suffered significant damage. We always begin a hydro jetting service with a camera inspection so we can determine the overall health of your plumbing line before going in with our high-pressure jetting tool.

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