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Our team is available 24/7 to answer your plumbing emergency calls and respond quickly to your home or business. Whether you are dealing with a clogged drain, water heater leak, toilet that’s constantly running, or any other emergency, you can trust the team at Aztec Plumbing & Drains.

Since 1991, we’ve provided top-quality service to Florida residential and commercial clients. In fact, we’ve been voted among the best plumbers in the area for 15 years running. Call on Aztec Plumbing & Drains if you need an emergency plumbing repair in Naples, Estero, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, or the surrounding areas in Southwest Florida.

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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing emergencies consist of any sort of sudden disturbance to your plumbing system that inhibits the use of plumbing fixtures you use on an everyday basis, and that can even be dangerous to your health. It is important to get a plumber involved anytime you are dealing with a potential gas leak, clogged drain line, or leaky fixture to help prevent it from becoming a much more expensive issue.

We can assist with a variety of plumbing emergencies, including:

  • Overflowing toilets: If your toilet won’t stop flushing or is spilling over the sides, call our plumbers ASAP to address the issue before your bathroom floods with unsanitary water.
  • Clogged sinks, toilets, and drains: Minor clogs don’t need to be treated as an emergency, but if you have multiple clogged fixtures at once, that points to larger issues in your sewer line that should be addressed quickly.
  • Broken fixtures: Cracked or leaking fixtures can lead to a significant amount of wasted water and damage to your appliances as well as the area around them.
  • Leaking water heaters: Don’t let a leaking water heater cause water damage or compromise your home’s hot water supply. Reach out to Aztec Plumbing for a fast repair.
  • Broken water lines: Cracked or broken pipes lead to significant water damage and can encourage mold growth. Make sure this problem gets fixed quickly by calling our emergency plumbers.
  • Sewer system backupSewage backup poses a significant threat to your health and safety, so don’t hesitate to call our emergency plumbers when you notice this problem.
  • Burst or frozen pipesIf you notice ice on your pipes, call for emergency service as soon as possible to prevent the pipes from bursting! If they’ve already burst, our team can still help get the issue repaired quickly.
  • Leaking gas lines: Gas leaks are exceptionally dangerous, so if you have a gas leak, immediately evacuate and call your utility company or emergency services. Then, reach out to our team for gas line services.

Warning Signs of a Plumbing Emergency

While it seems that plumbing emergencies pop up out of nowhere, plumbing systems often show several warning signs. The only issue is that people don’t know what to look for.

Below are eight warning signs of a plumbing emergency:

  • Gurgling toilets or drains: Gurgling sounds often indicate blockages in your pipes, which can lead to unsanitary sewage backups and potential flooding if not addressed promptly.
  • Frequent toilet clogs: If your toilet clogs once or twice, there’s no reason to be alarmed, but frequent and recurring clogs are a different story. Frequent clogs point to underlying issues such as a blocked sewer line or septic tank problems that require the help of our professional plumbers.
  • Funky drain odors: Unpleasant odors emanating from drains could be caused by the buildup of organic matter or sewage backups, which are hazardous to your family’s health
  • Unexpected spikes in water or gas bills: Sudden increases in water or gas bills may indicate leaks within the plumbing system, whether visible or hidden, so make sure to call our plumbers before the problem worsens.
  • Rattling or banging pipes: If your pipes are making strange noises, you may be dealing with water pressure issues, loose components, or even impending pipe bursts, so call our plumbers ASAP.
  • Slow draining sinks or showers: Sluggish drainage in sinks or showers often indicates blockages in pipes, which can escalate into severe clogs the longer you wait. If multiple fixtures are draining slowly at the same time, call our emergency team as you may be dealing with sewer line issues.
  • Reduced water temperature: A sudden drop in water temperature can indicate problems with the water heater, such as sediment buildup or a malfunctioning heating element, so count on our team to quickly restore proper functionality and prevent further issues.
  • Sudden decrease in water pressure: If your water pressure suddenly takes a dive, you may have a burst pipe, water leaks, or a malfunctioning pressure regulator, all of which require urgent attention.

Experiencing a serious plumbing problem? Our emergency plumbers in Southwest Florida are here to help 24/7.

Why Aztec Plumbing & Drains Is the Right Choice 

Service When You Need It Without the Wait

Obviously, the biggest advantage of emergency plumbing is not having to wait all day to get a technician over to your place. If you run a commercial business, it’s essential to have working plumbing on hand for your employees and staff. Yet it’s no less important to ensure the comfort and safety of your family. Stop checking for service hours, stop calling plumbers who give you a “window of arrival,” and contact Aztec next time you need immediate plumbing assistance.

Less Money Wasted

The sooner you call a technician the better off your plumbing system and home will be. The damage caused by plumbing emergencies can add up quickly, leading to expensive repairs, and even replacements. When your home or business suffers water damage in the basement or sewage overflow from a broken toilet, the fallout can go beyond plumbing equipment to bring down your property value overall. Next time you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, call Aztec. We offer immediate, affordable emergency services to protect your wallet and your property.

Our Plumbers Are Equipped To Handle Emergency Issues

For situations when you need service done right and right away, you need technicians that have the tools, resources, and training to handle anything your system throws at them. Luckily, the experts at Aztec Plumbing & Repair have everything you need to get your system up and running again and help you get back to your regularly scheduled activities.

Let Us Worry About It So You Don’t Have To!

Let’s face it: Plumbing emergencies rarely wait for the right time to strike. Whether you’re about to leave for work of just getting ready for bed, no one wants to think about a burst pipe in the kitchen or flooding in the basement. That’s why our experienced technicians at Aztec Plumbing & Drains provide comprehensive emergency plumbing repairs and installations at a reasonable price. From overflowing sinks to showers that refuse to run at all, our emergency plumbing experts have got you covered.

For 24/7 assistance, contact our Southwest Florida emergency plumbers at 239-932-2959.

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Emergency Plumbing FAQs

What should I do while waiting for an emergency plumber to arrive?

While waiting for the plumber to arrive, it’s crucial to take immediate action to mitigate damage. Depending on your plumbing emergency, this may include shutting off the main water supply, containing leaks with buckets or towels, and avoiding using plumbing fixtures until the issue is resolved. Providing clear access to the affected areas can also help expedite repairs once the plumber arrives. When you call Aztec Plumbing for emergency services, our team will advise on next steps while you wait for a plumber to arrive.

What if I'm experiencing a plumbing issue, but I'm not sure if it constitutes an emergency?

When it comes to plumbing problems, it’s always best to play it on the safe side. If you suspect your plumbing issue needs urgent attention, call our team. Our experts can discuss your issue and help determine if you need emergency services.

What should I do if my pipe bursts?

Burst pipes often lead to significant water loss, so it’s important to act quickly to mitigate flooding and water damage. If you can, have one member of your household turn off the main water supply to your property while another calls our plumbing team for emergency services. While waiting for a plumber, try to contain the water using buckets, towels, or other methods.

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