3 Common Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Toilet


You rely on your toilet to be there for you, ready to go when nature calls, right? Well, what happens if one day you head into the bathroom to relieve yourself only to realize your toilet is no longer working properly? Whether it’s not flushing at all, or a stream of water runs down the bowl and onto the floor as you push down on the lever, you can quickly find yourself in the middle of a giant problem.

Toilets are not something that homeowners often think of, especially when it comes to maintenance. But if you’re oblivious to what’s going on and simply ignore any of the following warning signs, you could be in for that rude awakening we mentioned above. So, keep a close eye out for these three common signs that it’s time to upgrade your toilet:

1 – Your Toilet Clogs Frequently

A clogged toilet is inevitable every now and then, but if it seems to be clogging multiple times per week, or even more frequently than that, something is seriously wrong.

Some of the older toilets out there require multiple flushes to get everything down and these models tend to face frequent stoppages at random.

Your toilet shouldn’t be that much of a nuisance and for this reason, it’s probably a good idea to consider upgrading. Best of all? You don’t even have to sacrifice water savings with a newer model because most options out there today do in fact, save water with each flush.

Not sure which type of toilet is best for your home? Our friendly, knowledgeable experts will be more than happy to discuss options and help you come to a conclusion.

2 – There’s A Crack In The Porcelain

Over time, toilets can develop “hairline” cracks in the tank or in the bowl. Generally speaking, these cracks won’t leak water right away, but as they continue to wear away, that small crack can turn into a flood of water in the bathroom.

It’s best to take a quick look at the tank and the bowl each time you use the lavatory and if you notice anything that looks like a crack, consider replacing the toilet before things get worse.

3 – Visual Scratches/Dirt

Similar to what we mentioned above, surface scratches can become a reason for concern. Initially, they may not hinder the toilet’s performance, but as they continue to wear over time, scratches can make it very difficult to keep the bowl clean and can lead to other issues.

The same goes for worn out surfaces on older toilets. You may find yourself scrubbing and cleaning them quite frequently, and let’s face it — who has all that extra time to spend cleaning a toilet?

It might be worth your while to look into buying a new toilet so you can forget about all of that extra weekly maintenance that goes into keeping it clean.

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