3 Helpful Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Plumbing System

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Think of your plumbing system as the digestive system of your home. The internal pipes and valves need to work correctly to ensure your home remains healthy and avoids major emergency repairs. Many preventative measures can be practiced regularly, such as refraining from putting hazardous products down the drain or cleaning your garbage disposal, but those tasks only do so much.

Maintaining healthy pipes is more involved than not throwing bacon grease down the sink. To completely protect your home from plumbing mishaps, our experts have compiled a list of three proactive ways you can ensure your family and home stay protected from plumbing disasters.

Leak Detection

The idea that if something is out of sight, then it is out of mind is a leading cause of significant underground leak damage. Leaks not only cause harmful mold and mildew to grow and increase your monthly water bill but can also cause a pipe to burst, resulting in thousands of dollars of property damage. If you find yourself knee-deep in repair bills, you may ask yourself, could this have been avoided?

Enlisting the help of experienced professionals to inspect your pipes is a wise investment and can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Trained experts are equipped with the right tools and advanced equipment to check your home for hidden leaks. They will check your attic, walls, toilets, concrete slabs under your home, and other various places where leaks camouflage themselves. If a leak is detected, they will be able to administer immediate repair and prevent further damage.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention requires the installation of devices that prevent your potable water from flowing backward. If your drinking water flows in the opposite direction it is intended, it can become contaminated by harmful liquids, gasses, or solid particles. Consuming water containing these pollutants can not only be detrimental to your health but can also cause severe damage to your pipes due to foreign materials entering.

Many states require backflow prevention devices to be installed in every home. While these devices can last for a very long time, they will eventually require repair or replacement. You must be aware of what water is doing on your property. If the quality of your water changes even slightly, this can indicate backflow issues. Foul odors or flavors are common signs you should call an experienced plumber immediately.

Backflow Devices That May Require Replacement or Repair

  • Pressure vacuum breakers
  • Reduced pressure preventers
  • Double check valve systems


Many homeowners are under the impression their pipes will last forever. Sometimes, this is not the case. Traditional copper piping has proven to deteriorate over time, especially in hotter climates. The effects of the water will eventually break down the pipes and cause them to leak or burst.

Replacing your outdated copper pipes with updated PEX pipes can prove to be an impactful improvement to your entire plumbing system. PEX pipes consist of synthetic materials that are highly durable due to the solid cross-linked polythene plastic. Many homeowners are choosing this over copper because of its durability, freeze resistance, and longevity.

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