How to Find the Ideal Water Pressure

How to Find the Ideal Water Pressure

Finding the Right Levels

No one likes low water pressure. As soon as it releases from the faucet or shower, it’s underwhelming and disappointing. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can take forever to fill a pitcher, a cup, or an entire bathtub.

Here’s how to get the right water pressure level and what to do if your pressure drops.

Why Water Pressure Drops

Whether you’ve noticed a drop in water pressure over time or suddenly, there are several factors at play.

If your whole home is receiving inadequate water pressure, then it may be a localized problem. The ideal water pressure is somewhere between 40 and 60 PSI. This is controlled by the pressure-reducing valve. You can test your water pressure using a water pressure regulator, which you can find at a hardware store for pretty cheap. Hook it up to a hose bib and open the valve to see the rating.

Pressure also depends on use. If you’re running the dishwasher, taking a shower, and watering the lawn all at the same time, it will overwork your water supply, causing pressure to drop.

How to Find the Right Pressure

As we said previously, the typical pressure range is between 40 and 60 PSI, or pounds per square inch. If you’re looking to adjust the pressure it’s likely because you’re unhappy with how it comes out now.

You can do this two ways:

Set the pressure to 50 PSI, right in the middle of the acceptable range. From there, you can adjust up or down based on how you feel with it being at 50.

Or, measure what the current pressure is and adjust it slightly to fit your needs. If you’re not totally happy with the current pressure, you can just move it a few PSI up or down to find the right level.

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