Do You Know Where the Sewer Line Cleanout is Located?

Do You Know Where the Sewer Line Cleanout is Located?

Picture this: Your home has a major clog. It’s causing sewage to back up into your bathroom sink and bathtub drain. The plumber arrives and asks where your sewer line cleanout is located. You don’t know. You and the plumber spend 20 minutes trying to find it.

Time is wasted while waste fills your sink basin. Gross.

Why Your Sewer Cleanout Line is Important

The sewer cleanout line gives a plumber access to the main sewer drain where blockage from tree roots occur. A plumber can run a special camera down the pipe to determine the location of the clog and how to best remove it. Hydro-jetting, which uses extreme water pressure to remove obstructions, is the likely solution.

Find Your Sewer Line Cleanout Now So You’re Prepared During an Emergency

The sewer line cleanout is a vertical pipe measuring 4 inches in diameter. The cleanout access port has a screw cap with a square knob on top. It should be sticking up from the ground several inches. You’ll likely find it on the side of your home, closest to a bathroom.

If you’ve checked the perimeter of your home and you still can’t find the cleanout, consult your property’s plot plans. These documents outline the sewer service lines and should identify the location of the cleanout.

If You Don’t Have a Sewer Line Cleanout…

If you live in an older home, there’s a chance that it doesn’t have a sewer line cleanout. The plumber has a couple of options, in this case, neither of them ideal: Remove the toilet to run the camera down the drain or access the sewer line from the vent stack in the roof.

But to clear the clog, the plumber will have to run the drain machine through the toilet pipe. This pipe is smaller than the drainpipe, so the clog will not be removed as thoroughly.

Installing a sewer line cleanout can prevent emergencies and increase your home’s resale value.

Bottom line: Your sewer line cleanout plays an important function in your plumbing’s operation by providing quick access to the main sewer line. For all of your plumbing needs, turn to the pros Aztec Plumbing & Drains. Call (239) 232-2012 to schedule your appointment.