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Blogs from November, 2019


The Average Lifespan of Pipes

They say “diamonds are forever,” and they may be the only thing that lasts forever. Unfortunately, plumbing pipes aren’t made of diamonds and that means they do in fact, have a lifespan. So, when can you expect your pipes to reach the end of the road? Find out below!

Supply Pipes

These types of pipes are generally under constant pressure and therefore have a tendency to wreak havoc when they fail. We’re talking about brass, copper and galvanized steel pipes which were extremely common in the construction of many homes.

Brass pipes have a general life expectancy of around 40-70 years while copper usually only lasts around 50 years and galvanized steel taking the prize for the shortest lifespan of around 20-50 years on average.

Drain Lines

Drainage pipes are often made of cast iron or polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Cast iron will last anywhere from 75-100 years while PVC wins the award for longest-lasting pipe material with an indefinite lifespan.


Polybutylene, not to be confused with polyvinyl chloride, is extremely prone to breakage. This type of piping was used from the 1970s through the 1990s and although it wasn’t typically used in all areas of the United States, you should still be on the lookout for it, especially here in South Florida. Hint, hint: if your pipes look grey in color, there’s a good chance they are made from polybutylene.

Chlorinated water, which is common in many municipal water supply systems causes these types of to start breaking down from the inside out which leads to pieces of piping in your water, as well as not being able to really tell when the pipes are going to ultimately give way.

Repiping Services in Fort Myers

Think your plumbing system is nearing the end? A repipe may be in order. Repiping is a major project. In order to have this job done quickly, correctly, and get your water running again, you’ll want to choose the experienced Fort Myers plumbers who can handle the job. At Aztec Plumbing & Drains, we’re repiping specialists. Call us today at (239) 232-2012.

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