My Toilet Keeps Running

My Toilet Keeps Running

Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

If you hear your toilet keeps running, it’s most likely the sound of water filling the tank.

If your toilet runs non-stop, whether you’ve recently flushed or not, you might have one of the following problems:

  • 1. A Bad Flapper

Your toilet flapper is a round, rubber seal that releases water into the bowl when you flush. The connected chain lifts the flapper up when the toilet handle is pressed down, allowing water to pour into the toilet bowl.

But that flapper can deteriorate over time, preventing it from creating a perfect seal. This results in a slow water leak from the toilet tank, forcing your toilet fill tube to slowly and constantly fill the toilet tank.

If your flapper is not sealing or looks broken, it’s time to replace it.

  • 2. A Flapper Chain That’s Too Tight

Your flapper is connected to the handle on your toilet by a chain. But if that chain is too tight, the flapper can’t close completely. This also causes a slow leak and forces your fill tube to refill the toilet tank constantly.

Make sure there is enough slack in the chain to allow the flapper to completely seal the small hole in the bottom of your toilet tank. If the chain is too tight, you can adjust it by removing the pin from the chain and placing it a couple of rungs lower on the chain.

  • 3. The Water Level in the Toilet Tank is Too High

The fill tube is responsible for refilling the tank with water after every flush. This tube is connected to your main water supply. As the water level in the tank rises, a float lifts and eventually shuts off the water. Your float can be adjusted to shut off water flow at different levels.

If your float is too high, water will constantly drain into the overflow tube, which can make it sound like your toilet is constantly running.

Take the lid off the toilet tank and watch the overflow tube. If water flows up into the tube after a flush, lower the float until the problem is resolved.

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