Gerber Elite Toilets

Gerber Avalanche® Elite Toilets

Sleek, Upscale, & Affordable Upgrades to Your Bathroom!

Toilets are some of the most important and relied-upon features of any bathroom—right up there with your sink. However, they really haven’t changed all that much over the years.

Aside from maybe a few aesthetic differences, they’ve essentially functioned exactly the same. However, Gerber sought to change that, and they have with the Gerber Avalanche® Elite toilet!

Gerber LogoAztec Plumbing & Drains is proud to install the Gerber Avalanche Elite toilet in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, and throughout Southwest Florida. When you demand the best for your home, the Avalanche Elite delivers with unique technological advancements that make them better than any toilet from ever before.

The Avalanche Elite proves that toilets are not created equal and that they can be a beautiful piece within any bathroom décor! The Elite offers a sleeker and more refined look than most two-piece toilets and is less blocky and bulky than fully-skirted options.

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Why You Should Consider an Avalanche Elite Toilet

The Avalanche Elite toilet from Gerber is so much more than just your traditional, conventional toilet. The unique one-piece design means better functionality and reduced chances of a leak forming between the tank and the bowl over time. This means better peace of mind for you as a homeowner and better longevity for your toilet.

The Avalanche Elite’s true power, however, lies in its advanced flushing system. The streamlined design of the water lines channels the water at higher speeds, adding additional force to the water flowing through the bowl. This helps scrub stains and toilet paper off the bowl itself, keeping your toilet cleaner and looking great for longer. This also means you can say goodbye to flushing multiple times to ensure that everything goes down the drain.

The Avalanche Elite also carries away more waste at once than any other toilet before. With a 50% larger line carry capacity than the national standard, there won’t be any hidden clogs under the toilet or in the pipes. You’ll able to flush without worry!

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