How to Properly Clean Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

How to Properly Clean Your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

Many homeowners don’t think about their plumbing fixtures as something to inspect but maintaining your plumbing fixtures is just as important as maintaining your plumbing pipes. Keeping an eye on these fixtures can help prevent issues such as leaks and help the longevity of not just the home’s water system but the plumbing fixture itself. Taking small measures like cleaning these fixtures and properly using them can help!

Here are some tips on how to maintain and clean your Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal :

  • Scrub your sink! It’s good to scrub your sink clean once every 30 days. This helps rid your sink of food stains, rust, water spots, etc.
  • Have a stain in your sink? Destain surfaces with lemon juice.
  • Use WD-40 on rust
  • Sanitize Frequently and keep it simple! Warm water and a small amount of bleach can do the trick!
  • Kitchen Sink Smell? Put Lemon peels down your Garbage disposal! Not only with this help clean your disposal but also will leave your kitchen smelling fresh!
  • Whenever using your Garbage Disposal, make sure you are always running water!
  • Make sure you are running your Garbage Disposal quite frequently, this can help prevent rust and deterioration.
  • Clean your Disposal with a small amount of dish soap and cold water. This can help with smell too!
  • Grinding ice in your Garbage Disposal can sharpen the blades, making your disposal last longer and be more effective!

Doing these simple tasks can help your fixtures in the long run so that you hopefully do not need to replace them or get them looked at any time soon. If a problem does arise, Call Aztec Plumbing & Drains immediately and we will send out one of our highly trained, knowledgeable plumbers to take a look! We got you covered from A to Z!

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