Water Filtration System Services in Fort Myers

Finally! Fresh, Clean Water from Every Tap in Your House

Florida’s water is notoriously awful compared to the rest of the country. In Fort Myers and many Southwest Florida cities, the water is full of minerals (commonly referred to as “hard water”), which causes limescale buildup in appliances and corrodes pipes. Homeowners throughout the region also tend to suffer from water that smells and tastes awful and is full of chlorine, which sucks out natural oils and lubricants in your hair and skin, drying them out.

So it’s no surprise that homeowners like yourself turn to water filters and water filtration systems. A water filtration system can allow you to experience fresh, clean water straight from your home’s taps. If you’re interested in water filtration system installation in Fort Myers or the surrounding areas, Aztec Plumbing & Drains can help. We proudly serve customers in a wide range of service areas, and can even address your water filtration system repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.

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Which Water Filtration System Should You Get?

When it comes to choosing a water filtration system for your home, there are hundreds of options. Our preference? The Halo 5 whole-home water filtration system.

Here’s why the Halo 5 is our choice of water filters:

  • Does double duty— It filters out chlorine and conditions the minerals in the water (conditioning prevents pipe corrosion and limescale buildup). Most water filtration systems only do one or the other.
  • Improves the water for your entire home— The Halo 5 water filtration system connects to your main water line so it can filter all your water. Clean, drinkable water will flow out of every faucet in your home. And the water you shower/bath with won’t dry out your skin or hair thanks to the water conditioner.
  • Maintains itself— We install it; you’ll never need to touch it or adjust it. This system lasts 10 years. Imagine how much money you’ll save by not buying bottled water or low-quality filter pitchers for the next 10 years.

Get Started with Water Filtration System Installation Today!

Contact Aztec Plumbing & Drains and we’ll help you find the Halo 5 water filtration system size you need for your home. Once we’ve helped you select the right option, we’ll get to work carrying out your Fort Myers water filtration system installation. Our highly-trained technicians specialize in water filtration system services and we’ve been an industry leader in SW Florida for over a decade.

Got questions? Let us know! Call Aztec Plumbing & Drains at (239) 232-2012 today to speak to a member of our team!

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