Whole-Home vs. Pitcher Water Filter - Which is Better?

Whole-Home vs. Pitcher Water Filter - Which is Better?

Two Solutions for Water Filtering

We’re always after better-tasting water. Whether it’s sampling different brands of water bottles or relentlessly judging the tap water wherever we go, we’re always looking for the best.

We take steps to get better-tasting water in our own homes, like buying a filtering pitcher or a faucet attachment. But these options leave out bathroom sinks and showers. You’re probably thinking that it doesn’t matter because you don’t drink your shower water, but it’s not just about taste.

Here’s why filtering for your whole home is so important.

Reducing Hard Water in Pipes

A pitcher water filter will give you clean water to drink, which is great. But what about before it gets to your glass? Hard water, or water with an excess of certain chemicals, can cause mineral buildup inside your pipes and in your water appliances like your water heater, shower, and sinks.

A whole-home water filter will treat the water supply before entering your home, therefore protecting your pipes, fixtures, and appliances from hard water damage.


Pitcher water filters aren’t expensive or involved. But a whole-home filter takes the worry away of having enough filters or remembering to fill up the pitcher. Plus, when you have guests, you have an unlimited supply of fresh, filtered water and don’t need to rely on bottled water.

You also don’t have to worry about lousy water for all other uses: bathing, watering plants, cooking, and more. You always have healthy, clean water with a flick of the faucet.

The Consensus

The whole-home option is the best way to have reliable, clean water throughout your home. If you’re a renter or can’t make any upgrades right now, you should still get a pitcher or faucet filter to ensure your water is clean and pure.

But homeowners should seriously consider installing a whole-home water filter to have peace of mind and great water.

Whole-Home Water Filter Installation

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