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Blogs from April, 2021

Food cooking in a deep fryer with oil

Don’t Drain Grease

One of the most important preventative measures for your drains is to avoid dumping grease down them. While it may seem logical (grease and oils are liquid), grease is much different than water and can actually do significant damage to your pipes.

It doesn’t only threaten your pipes, but grease and oil can cause major clogs. Even if not right under your sink, grease can cause problems deeper in your sewer line.

What to Do With Cooking Oil

Whether you’re frying chicken or potatoes, you’ll likely have a lot of oil leftover when you’re done. There are several ways to consider how you dispose of grease.

Is it hot?

You need to be extremely careful with hot grease or oil, which can be upwards of 300 degrees if you just finished cooking. If you can, leave the oil in the pot or pan for a while to cool down, then dispose of it in a solid waste container. If you need to dispose of hot oil, pour it carefully into a metal container. Glass or plastic containers could melt or crack from extreme temperatures.

Is it Reusable?

You can actually reuse neutral cooking oils and bacon grease. After cooking, collect the grease in a safe container and store it at room temperature. Oil won’t solidify, but bacon grease and other fats will if chilled. (This is another reason why you shouldn’t put them down the drain.)

Reusing grease and oil not only saves you money but reduces waste!

The Best Option

When you’re done with oil or grease and need to get rid of it, you should throw the container in which you collected it in the trash. Make sure the container is closed, so the oil doesn’t spill. Also, make sure the oil is completely cool, so the garbage bag doesn’t melt.

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