Why Do My Drains Gurgle?

Why Do My Drains Gurgle?

Do your drains gurgle when you use your toilet, sink, or shower? Whether you are noticing gurgling sounds coming from one or all of your drains, you need to call a plumber. Gurgling drains indicate that something is wrong with your plumbing system, and only a professional can resolve these kinds of problems. Read on to learn more about what may be causing your drains to gurgle.

Reasons Your Drain Might Be Gurgling:

  • Missing or Damaged Shower P-Trap: The p-trap in your shower prevents air, sewage gases, and sewer water from rising up into your shower and bathroom. When your p-trap is broken, or when you don’t have one at all, air and gases continuously flow up through your pipes and create gurgling sounds.
  • Drain Clog: Gurgling sounds in your drains may be a sign that there is a clog deep in your drain line. Drain clogs are often the result of hair, soap, dirt, food, and other substances accumulating over time. The gurgling sounds are a result of pockets of air releasing into the water.
  • Sewer Line Clog: Major sewer line problems can result in gurgling sounds in your drains. Damaged pipes, tree roots, hair, feminine products, and other debris can clog your sewer line. When these clogs occur, sewage water and gases rise up through your drains. This can also result in unpleasant odors.
  • Plumbing Vent Blockage: The plumbing vents in your home are vertical pipes that run behind the walls and out of your roof. These pipes allow air to enter your drainage system, which creates even pressure and helps waste water to flow out of your home efficiently. Blockages in these pipes can be caused by the buildup of leaves, bird nests, corrosion, and other debris. These blockages can result in uneven air flow and gurgling sounds in your drain.

Professional Drain Cleaning

If your drains are gurgling, we suggest you contact our plumbers right away. Attempting to take care of clogs and damaged pipes on your own can result in serious damage to your plumbing system. Our plumbing experts will arrive promptly, diagnose the source of the problem, and inform you of the best course of action. At Aztec Plumbing & Drains, we use advanced technology and expert methods for drain cleaning.

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