When Would I Need Hydro-Jetting Rather Than Using A Plunger Or Drain Snake?

When Would I Need Hydro-Jetting Rather Than Using A Plunger Or Drain Snake?

When one of your pipes clog, you need a fast solution. There are several popular methods to unclogging a drain or toilet, but the most effective one depends on the depth of the clog. Sometimes, the cause of a blockage spans much deeper than the drain itself; because all of your home's drain pipes connect into a mainline, a problem with one pipe can easily affect other drains in the house.

When a clog has run deep into your home's plumbing, hydro-jetting is an easy, safe and non-invasive way to dislodge it.

Hydro-jetting vs. Snaking

A tool called an auger is used to "snake" a drain; snaking is one of the oldest and most trusted methods of unclogging toilets and pipes. Because it is controlled by the plumber's precision, snaking is good for delicate pipes and prevents any damage during the service job.

Hydro-jetting is far more powerful than snaking, capable of both dislodging a clog and flushing a pipe from other debris that's built up around its walls. Different levels of water pressure can be used to clean pipes, including high-level hydro-jetting that can clean a home's main sewer line.

When to Use a Plunger

A handy tool, the reliable home plunger can quickly resolve a blocked toilet or sink. However, plungers are only suitable for shallow clogs. If your pipes are being affected by a clog in a drain line or even your main sewer line, then you'll need a more powerful approach.

Making the Right Call

Hydro-jetting is a versatile and effective solution, but it may not be suitable for homes with older plumbing as high water pressure can lead to bursts. Snaking is the go-to method for professionally unclogging drains, and a plunger is an excellent DIY resource to always have nearby.

Plungers will be able to resolve most clogged toilets without a problem, but if you find that all of your home's drains are affected even without evident clogging, then a professional from Aztec Plumbing & Drains can help.

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