Why is My Water Heater Making Weird Noises?

Why is My Water Heater Making Weird Noises?

Your water heater is a quiet achiever, operating nearly soundlessly as pipes warm water to your faucet or showerhead. Therefore any noise is out of character and a cause for concern.

Keep your ears open for these unusual water heater noises:


A popping sound coming from your water heater is a clear red flag. This noise typically indicates an excessive amount of sediment at the bottom of the tank. It’ll eventually become more difficult for your unit to transfer heat. The best way to prevent a buildup of deposits is to have your tank regularly drained and flushed. You should also consider installing a water filtration system, which helps remove hard minerals.


When your water heater begins to screech, the inlet control valve may be partially closed. Opening the inlet control valve is as simple as turning a knob. If the valve seems stuck, debris may have gotten stuck inside.


Gas-powered water heaters are prone to making cracking sounds. While this sound may alarm you, there’s likely nothing to worry about. Condensation is probably on the burner, which is perfectly normal.


When you hear a leaking sound coming from your water heater, immediate action is required. Don’t be surprised if you discover wet spots on the floor.

A leak could spring from the temperature and pressure relief valve. This safety feature discharges water when the temperature exceeds 210 degrees and relieves pressure if the tank is above 150 psi.

Contact a plumber right away to determine why the valve is leaking. It could be that it’s doing its job, in which case a plumber will determine why the appliance has excessive temperatures and pressure. Another possibility is that the valve is defective.

Bottom line: Keep your ears attuned to any unusual sounds coming from your water heater. These are usually your appliance’s call for help. Then turn to the experts at Aztec Plumbing & Drains. We’ve been providing quality plumbing services in Fort Myers and surrounding communities since 1991. To schedule your appointment, call (239) 232-2012.