What Will a Water Filtration System Remove From My Water?

What Will a Water Filtration System Remove From My Water?

Do you have any idea what’s actually lurking in the water you use and consume on a daily basis? We’re talking about the H2O you drink when you’re thirsty and the same stuff you use to wash dishes, rinse fruits and vegetables and clean your clothes in the washing machine — it’s not nearly as clean and pure as you might think it is. So, what’s in your home’s water supply and how can you possibly remove any/all impurities? Find out below!

What Is Commonly Found In Residential Water?

We would all love it if the only few things found in our water supply were hydrogen and oxygen. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Water tends to harbor hundreds of thousands of foreign items that can contaminate it and cause other problems throughout the house, as well our bodies.

In any given sample of residential water, chances are you’ll find traces of sand, rust, silt, calcium and magnesium… just to name a few of the things that make our water “dirty.”

What Does a Water Filtration System Remove?

A residential water filtration system generally fights back against “hard water.” What does that mean, you ask? Hard water refers to a water supply that contains high levels of mineral content such as calcium and magnesium.

Hard water can smell and taste bad and can also cause water spots in your shower and on your glassware in the kitchen. It can also cause discoloration in clothing and dry skin and hair.

Sick of dealing with these problems in your home? Turn to a high-quality water filtration system. They can help minimize hard water while also removing things like sand, rust and silt like we mentioned above. Still not convinced about the benefits? Check out our blog, 5 Reasons To Consider A Whole-House Water Filtration System, for a bit more insight!

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