Top Drain Clogging Culprits

Top Drain Clogging Culprits

10 Items That Are Likely To Clog Your Drain

As you start getting in the holiday spirit, lighting up your home and putting those decorations on display, it’s important to keep the plumbing system in mind. After all, it will likely have to take on some added stress as you host friends and family members this month and let’s face it, you might get a bit careless. See below to find out what you should absolutely avoid putting down the drain this holiday season, so that you don’t end up on the naughty list this year!

1 - Coffee Grounds

You might need a little extra caffeine to keep you powering through the holidays and we don’t blame you! Just make sure you discard the grounds in the trash instead of in the sink because they can clog the drain.

2 - Fruit Peels

You may be thinking fruit peels are soft enough for the garbage disposal to chop up with ease, when in reality, they can wrap around the blades and cause serious problems. Not to mention it takes a while for them to disintegrate so they’ll likely clog the drain in the meantime.

3 - Eggshells

They’re no match for garbage disposal blades, but that’s not where the problem lies. Once they get smashed up into small pieces and head down the drain, they can easily stick to grease or other oily substances (that also shouldn’t have been washed down the drain). Regardless, this can cause buildups or blockages in the drain and cause water to back up in the sink.

4 - Fats and Oils

Like we mentioned above, grease, fat and oil should never be washed down the drain. Not only do they solidify as they cool, which can cause blockages in itself, but they can act as a binder and cause other items to get stuck in the drain.

5 - Pasta

Pasta expands when it comes in contact with water and even though it’s soft when it’s cooked, it can still get stuck in the line. Unless you have a garbage disposal that will chop it into very small pieces, it’s best to discard pasta in the trash.

6 - Fibrous Foods

Stringy foods like celery, artichokes and asparagus, and any other foods with skin should be kept out of the drain. Not only can the strings wrap around garbage disposal blades, these types of foods can get stuck in the strainer and cause the sink to back up.

7 - Boiling Water

This one may surprise you a bit and while it may not cause a clog, boiling water can cause some damage. Depending on your pipes and the age and quality of your plumbing system, extreme heat could cause pipes to crack or melt. It’s best to allow liquids to cool before dumping them into the sink.

8 - Rice

Similar to pasta, rice expands in water and can cause a paste-like substance which could coat the inside of your pipes.

9 - Cosmetic Products

Never discard cosmetics in the sink as the oils used in many of them can cause problems in the drain. They can also pick up other materials as they begin to solidify as they flow through the drain.

10 - Paper

You may not be as inclined to throw paper into the sink as you would food scraps, but when you use a paper towel or other forms of paper for food prep or cleaning, it may wind up in the sink by accident. If a paper product does happen to fall into the sink, try to pick it out before it heads down the drain.

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