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Blogs from September, 2016


Do you think your home may have a leak or you are unsure of where to even look for one? It’s impossible to predict when a leak will occur or not, but there are some cautionary measures you can take to check these common places and hopefully stop a leak before it turns into a major problem! It’s important to keep an eye on these areas and to check them periodically.

Here is your Leak Checklist:

  • Check your ceilings for any discoloration. This could be a sign of sitting water in between floors.
  • Keep an eye on all flooring, if there seems to be any water on the ground or around the baseboards of your home you could have a leak!
  • Look under all sinks in your home to make sure there are no signs of dripping water.
  • Check faucets to make sure that when they are turned off, there is no sign of dripping or excess water.
  • Make sure the handle to the faucet does not have any water around it either, If there is water present around any fixture call Aztec right away!
  • Another indicator of a leak could be higher bills, check your monthly bills for any inconsistencies.
  • Check toilets to make sure none of them are “running.”
  • Also check inside the top of the toilet to make sure the Flapper inside is not cracked or damaged. This could be letting water through without you even knowing!

After going through these common places for undetected leaks, if any of them seem to have excess water around do not hesitate to call Aztec Plumbing & Drains. It is best to stop a leak before it causes a much larger problem and it is good to get your home inspected just in case. Even if your sink is just dripping a little or there is a small discoloration, this could be just be the tip of the iceberg. Our skilled plumbers can perform leak detection and repair in your Southwest Florida home. Call Aztec Plumbing & Drains today! We have you covered from A to Z!

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