The Many Benefits of a Total House Water Filter

The Many Benefits of a Total House Water Filter

The Many Benefits of a Total House Water Filter

Are you concerned about your personal health, environmental conservation and saving money? Installing this plumbing feature could help you with all three! What Aztec Plumbing & Drains is talking about is installing a whole house water filtration system. These water filtration systems work by filtering the water that is sent to your home.

You may be wondering, how will a water filtration system help with my health?

A whole house water filtration system will take out any chemicals and chlorine that may be present in the water. These chemicals have been proven to be shown as a health hazard when released into the air from showering and certainly from ingesting when cooking or drinking. It is important to get these toxins filtered out of your water systems to prevent illnesses and increase the overall quality of your drinking water.

How does a whole house water filter help the environment?

Consider the facts: each day over 60,000 plastic bottles in the U.S. are disposed of in landfills and bottled water production creates 2.5 BILLION TONS of carbon dioxide pollution, not to mention transportation costs in oil and pollution as well! With a whole house water filtration system, you will be able to safely drink the water in your home instead of using water bottles, reducing your use of plastic and helping your environment overall!

And lastly, how will this whole house water filter save you money?

First, your cost in water bottles could reduce as you would have perfectly fine drinking water available at all times in your home. With a whole house filter, all of your fixtures will provide clean filtered water that tastes great! In addition, your plumbing fixtures will look better and last much longer without replacement due to the fact the filtered will not be harsh on them. Even your dishes and laundry will be affected by a total house water filter!

The process of installing a whole house water filter does require the service of a licensed plumber as it requires determination of what size and type system works best and must comply with state and municipal codes. This can be accomplished quickly and requires little maintenance after installation! Call Aztec Plumbing & Drains today for a water test and to talk about a total house water filter that’s right for your home! Aztec Plumbing & Drains has got you covered from A to Z!