Is My Water Saving Toilet Really Saving Water?

Is My Water Saving Toilet Really Saving Water?

YES, certainly if comparing it to toilets sold 15 to 25 years ago that used up to 5 gallons of water per flush!

Today’s toilets only use 1.6 Gallons per Flush! And that is great in comparison to the older toilets, however, like anything else a toilet starts to break down over time causing your toilet to wastewater. This isn’t just bad for our environment but ends up costing us hundreds of dollars in extra water usage per year!

Besides the most obvious signs of problems with toilets i.e. the toilet keeps running or the toilet starts to fill without anyone using it, there are more subtle changes that may be causing additional water usage that may go unnoticed. You may start to experience higher than normal water bills and not think too much off it initially.

Here are four questions, which if you can answer yes to any of them may indicate your toilets are not functioning at optimal efficiency.

1.) Are any of your toilets over 4 years old?

2.) Do any of your toilets take a long time to refill?

3.) When flushed does some of the water end up staying in the bowl?

4.) Do you sometimes need to re-flush or hold the handle down?

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