Finding the Right Faucet

Finding the Right Faucet

Do you ever wonder if the quality of Discount Store fixtures is any different when compared to the fixtures available and installed from a professional, Licensed Plumbing Company?

In particular, I’m talking about faucets. Yes, the ones in your house connected to all of your sinks in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor patios etc.

As you walk through many of the mass merchandise discounter chain stores you may see them displayed. They look great, don’t they?! All shiny, new and available in so many different configurations, finish, and colors! And you may think, “Wow that faucet would look great installed on my kitchen or bathroom sink and that would really spruce things up and, by the way, I know that one of my faucets is leaking!”

You might even think that you can save money on not only the faucet but also the labor and installation. But when this occurs you may lose the chance to put a warranty on your faucet as well which may cause you to believe that you may not actually need one.

Well, hold your horses!

Actually, they can and do fail more frequently than we think! Particularly Faucets purchased at these discount chains, and the reason being, QUALITY! The Discount chains spec their faucets from the manufacturers to meet a particular price point rather than quality standard. They need the low PRICE to be attractive to the homeowner and as a result of this often the quality then suffers. Common examples of this may be that plastic is often substituted for brass and the gauge metal throughout the faucet is significantly lighter and thinner. Both of these can affect functionality and longevity.

We recommend that when shopping for a faucet call a licensed plumber, Like Aztec Plumbing & Drains, who obtains his material from a quality plumbing supply house. You will have the same or better selection to choose from you know you will be receiving top quality material and workmanship with a good warranty!

You will be happy you did!

At Aztec Plumbing & Drains, we have you covered from A to Z!

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