Debunking Five Plumbing Myths

Debunking Five Plumbing Myths

Debunking Five Plumbing Myths

You always hear of these common theories and home remedies that are supposed to give you instant results for your common leaks and problems with your plumbing. As homeowners it is important to not leave even the smallest problems to the side and properly get them checked by a plumbing professional such as Aztec Plumbing & Drains. Here are some common fixes, tips and tricks myths that need to be debunked!

1) Store Bought Solutions

You may be able to buy a product at your local store that gives your problems a temporary fix but this may be hurting your home rather than helping it. Even though these products boast of helping find a solution to a clogged drain or clearing your pipes that is not always the case. Sometimes these products can even fix these problems temporarily but may cause an even worse problem down the road. Overall these products rarely fix your problem for good, that is why it is important to always have a professional stop the issue in it’s track rather than have it grow into a larger fix, that could cost you.

2) A Sink Faucet Dripping is Normal

If your faucet is dripping water from your sink THIS IS NOT NORMAL! This can be an early sign of an even larger problem on the horizon. If your sink and plumbing system is properly in place and installed nothing should be leaking. If you have a sink that is constantly dripping water from the faucet, you should contact a professional plumber to check out this issue to make sure it is not leading to an even larger problem.

3) Your Plumbing Fixtures Do Not Require Maintenance

Some homeowners think that their plumbing fixtures do not require any attention and that if they are working they should be fine. This is false! You should regularly check your fixtures to always make sure they are still connected properly and working well. Even if a clog or problem does not seem clear right away, that does not mean that everything is okay with your fixtures. Also cleaning your fixtures is also a common issue that many homeowners do not take seriously. You should not clean your fixtures with regular soap, instead make sure you are cleaning your specific fixtures with the prescribed cleaner. Some fixtures require a more gentle product while others may need a tougher substance. If not, over time your fixtures may damage over time.

4) Preventative Maintenance is a Waste of Money

This is extremely false as in preventative plumbing maintenance may cause you less money in the long run. It is always important to give check-ups on your plumbing health as much as it is to give check-ups on your personal health! Even if only a minor issue is detected it is always better to fix the smaller issue rather than to wait and spend even more money on a larger and more damaging issue.

5) If Your Plumbing Is Working, Nothing is Wrong

Even though everything seems to be flowing properly that must mean your home plumbing system must be running correctly, right? This mindset could be an issue for your home system. You never know what actually be happening within your pipes and fixtures. This follows along with preventative maintenance as you should never assume is it flowing properly and always have a professional plumber perform a check up for your home. You will thank yourself in the long run!