5 Ways to Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Holidays

5 Ways to Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Holidays

5 Ways to get Your Plumbing Ready for the Holidays

The holiday season brings family and friends together for laughter, fun and lifelong memories. It is truly a time to treasure. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when plumbing issues occur. Yes, all of the additional holiday company in your home puts stress and strain on your plumbing system in a variety of ways. These plumbing problems can turn your holidays from merry to scary. Don’t worry, though, the good news is that you can avoid many of these issues by preparing your family, your home and your plumbing system ahead of time for the holidays.

Here are the Top 5 Holiday plumbing problems along with some advice on how you can prevent them this holiday season.

  1. Toilets – We’ll start out with the most obvious plumbing concern when a home is overcrowded with family and friends … the toilet. With so many people using the bathroom, it’s common for toilets to become clogged. The first thing you can do is to make sure that you always have a plunger ready and available for guests. You also want to make sure that you have a wastebasket in clear sight for everyone so that baby wipes, facial tissues, and sanitary napkins get thrown in the basket and not down the bowl.
  2. Garbage Disposals – In most cases, homeowners know the limitations of their garbage disposal. The problem with the holidays is that you can’t count on houseguests to be aware of or value the restrictions or limits associated with proper disposal use. So they cram down pasta, bones, and mountains of food causing major issues for the drain and disposal. To ensure that these problems do not occur, keep guests from using the disposal as much as possible and when they do use the disposal, make sure they cut large items into smaller pieces before putting them in the disposal.
  3. Water Heaters – Another plumbing instrument that works overtime during the holidays is your hot water heater. It is an important part of your home’s plumbing system because when houseguests have to take cold showers – they are not happy. One thing that you can do to make things more pleasant is to consider turning the heater up to raise its capacity. Be sure not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and remember to turn your water heater back down after the holidays to avoid wasting energy. Also, if try to space out showers. This will allow time for your water heater to recover and be better able to service hot water.
  4. Kitchen Sinks – Just as you need to avoid draining oils and greases down your garbage disposal, you also need to keep them out of your kitchen sink. Grease and oil are common in the kitchen during the holidays, but you have to make sure they are disposed of properly. If not, these fatty substances can solidify in your pipes and clog your kitchen’s plumbing. So, instead of pouring cooking oil and grease down the drain, after they cool, dispose of them in the trash. You should also make sure that you use strainers in your sink drains to help catch larger items that might otherwise slip down the drain and cause issues.
  5. Clean Fixtures – When guests come to your home during holidays, you not only want the fixtures in your home working great, you want them looking great too. You may not know that you can use vinegar to clean your plumbing fixtures. The benefit is twofold. The results go hand and hand because they not only look nice they work better too. So, just clean your plumbing fixtures with vinegar to remove any build up – and you’ll help ensure a free flow of water and your faucets will sparkle for your guests too.

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