HELP! My pipes are clogged, what should I do?

HELP! My pipes are clogged, what should I do?

HELP! My pipes are clogged, what should I do?

At Aztec Plumbing & Drains our drain specialists constantly see different and many new problems daily but one of the more common problems is a home’s pipes becoming backed up or clogged. There are many reasons why a home is backed up, but the majority of the time it is the main line going out to the city sewer.

The best advice we can offer if your pipes are clogged is NOT to use any water.

More severe problems can arise if a homeowner uses water while their home is backed up. If a homeowner does attempt to use the water it will either come up into the shower or it will come out from the bottom of the toilet between the toilet bowl and the flange. The flange is piece that mounts the toilet to the floor and holds it stable.

One of the most common mistakes a homeowner makes is using the washing machine while the house is backed up, considering it uses gallons of water, more than anything else in the house. The washing machine use can cause gallons of water to be forced through the shower, toilets, tubs, etc. First priority is to STOP using water in the home, period. This is the only way to stop future damage from occurring.

When our Fort Myers Plumbers arrive:

  • We assess the severity of the blockage.
  • We will then try to drop the water line, or “unclog” it.
  • Then we use our camera to see what has caused the block to begin with.

This short video explains our plumbing and drain clearing process much further

From there, based on our experience, we give our customers recommendations on what to do to prevent these blockages from occurring in the future.

Call a Professional Plumber

If you are experiencing clogged pipes or any other plumbing issues, give us a call! We are the plumbing contractor Fort Myers and SW Florida residents can count on for all of their plumbing service needs!

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