What NOT to put in your disposal | Fort Myers Plumbing

What NOT to put in your disposal | Fort Myers Plumbing

Aztec Plumbers are called out often when homeowners are having “disposal issues.” What we find often is the issues stem from items being put down the garbage disposal that shouldn’t be or improper use. Our Fort Myers plumbing experts put together a list of things NOT to put down your disposal as well as a few tips for cleaning and keeping those blades sharp. But first we wanted to discuss how to properly use a garbage disposal.

Many homeowners assume they are using their garbage disposal correctly but the majority are not. Here is the proper way to run your garbage disposal.

  1. If there is a stopper in the sink remove the stopper from the drain opening and run cold water into the sink.
  2. After the water is running, turn on the garbage disposal switch to begin the disposal
  3. Slowly put food waste into disposer, If you fill up your disposal too fast this may cause it to clog the disposal or possibly break it.
  4. After you have completed disposing of food contents , turn the disposer off but continue to run water to allow the drain to clear leftover residue.

Now after you have properly ran your disposal system. Here are some tips on maintaining it to keep it from breaking or wearing down:

  • Always run water after using your garbage disposal. This helps keep the drain line clear and unclogged for future disposals.
  • Even though this may seem unusual you should put hard materials such as small bones, pits from fruits and ice cubes in the disposal. This creates a scouring action and leaves your drain cleaner than before.
  • Grinding the peels of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons can freshen up your drain masking the odors some drains leave behind.
  • Occasionally use a disposer cleaner, degreaser, & deodorizer as necessary to relieve odors caused by grease build-up.

Now that you know how to clean and maintain your disposal here is what NOT to do:

  • Do not put grease or fat in your drain line. This can cause clogs in your disposal. Properly dispose of grease or fat by putting it into the trash and not in the sink.
  • When using your disposal make sure you are using COLD water. It is okay to use hot water in between disposals but using hot water directly with your disposal can damage it.
  • When peeling vegetables do not put peels into the drain at once. Instead turn on sink and disposal, then gradually feed peels into the disposer.
  • Do not grind large amounts of egg shells or foods that contain fibrous materials like corn husks, artichokes, etc…to avoid possible drain blockage.
  • Don’t turn off disposer until grinding is completed and only the sound of the motor and water is heard.

Additional Tip:

When leaving for your northern homes at the end of this summer, remember to put a teaspoon or two of cooking oil into the basket of the disposer and, without running any water, turn it on just briefly enough to get the grinding disk and teeth up to speed and turn it off right away.

This will put lubricate those parts and delay any rust or oxidation from occurring prematurely.

We hope these tips are beneficial in keeping your disposal clean and clear! If you do notice a blockage in your garbage disposal system do not hesitate to call Aztec. Aztec Plumbing & Drains is here to help you from A to Z!

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