My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

A common issue that we see in Southwest Florida is that persistent rotten egg smell from city water fed housing. That rotten egg smell you are smelling, is actually sulfur, and it’s something that filters and whole house reverse osmosis units cannot, and do not correct. This issue is something that can be corrected through a fairly simple process. A savvy DIYer can perform these steps below to help remedy the situation, however we always suggest having a licensed Fort Myers plumber perform plumbing fixes in case an emergency does arise.

1) Turn off water to the home at outside shut off valve.

2) Turn off electricity to the water heater at the breaker panel and drain the water heater half way.

3) Using a wrench remove the temperature and pressure relief valve from the top or side of the heater.

4) Using a funnel pour 1quart of chlorine bleach into the heater and (using Teflon pipe dope or Teflon tape) reinstall the relief valve.

Water Heater

5) Turn water back on to the house and bleed air out of all faucets until bleach/water solution starts then shut off fixtures.

6) Wait 2hrs then flush all lines thoroughly until all smell of chlorine bleach is gone.

7) Make sure to run washing machine machine at least 2 times before doing laundry (except for whites of course)

If, during the course of these steps any of the following happen you should call a service professional out to complete the flush:

1) Water to home does not shut off

2) Temperature or pressure relief valve is stuck

3) Leak or drips on threads after re-pressuring the house

4) Water does not turn back on at main shut off valve

Again, for the most part this is an issue a savvy DIY’er can handle fairly easily however if they run into any problems or they are unsure of any of the steps please contact your Fort Myers’ plumber right away.