Fort Myers drain repair specialists explain properly clearing a drain

Fort Myers drain repair specialists explain properly clearing a drain

We recently had a local business call in complaining “the toilets were gurgling.” Gurgling toilets, or bubbling toilets is usually a sign that a drain needs to be cleared and the problem causing the drain to clog needs to be fixed. You see it’s easy for a “plumber” to come and “clear the drain” but can they fix the problem causing the clogged drain and ensure that it never clogs due to this same issue again?

That’s where a Sewer and 24 hour Drain Expert comes in handy. Aztec Plumbing & Drains is no stranger to clearing and repairing drains properly. So when this commercial client called in with these symptoms, we sent our team of Plumbing experts out right away to diagnose the situation.

First step, locate the issue. We use our sewer camera. It’s an amazing device that actually allows us to go up to 100ft into the drain line. This equipment is a great tool because it allows us to identify the plumbing problem right away and show the customer first hand what is causing the problem. The camera is at the end of the line and connected to a video monitor that allows you to watch as it goes through the lines.

In this case, the drain was clogged due to the pipe being bowed. Water cannot flow upward so this area of the drain just collects everything that’s exited the building and cannot drain completely.

W located where the bowed pipe was and had the property flagged for utilities, then marked out and cut the asphalt to be able to excavate the area. We were very careful of any utilities in the area as we did not want to cause this business more issues to deal with.Our crew cut and removed the damaged pipe, then tamped the soil so the new section of pipe is bedded properly so this problem will never happen again. Proper bedding and backfilling ensures the pipe will not move or bend. Now, before we close up we need to be sure the system is flowing properly.

To do this we need to test every line. With the camera in the line we flush each toilet and run every faucet in the building to visually verify everything is flowing smoothly through the line. Once this is complete we can clean up the work area, repair the asphalt and complete the job from A to Z.

90% of the time there is a reason your drain is clogged, simply clearing the line to get it flowing again is not fixing the problem. Identifying why the drain is clogging and repairing the issue is the only way to correctly repair a drain. A trained drain expert gets into the whole repair process. Be sure your plumber is identifying what is causing your plumbing issues and not just offering a band aide to mask the real issue.

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