What is a Repipe?

What is a Repipe?

Living in southwest Florida puts us at greater risk for certain plumbing problems, one of them being the deterioration of copper water lines. When this occurs, the only sure fix is a total home repipe. A repipe is the replacement of all existing water lines with clean, safe PEX which is a material that is resistant to the effects our water has on copper. The procedure consists of running new hot and cold water lines overhead, down walls, and connecting them to your existing water fixtures. Shut off valves, fixture supplies, icemaker and dishwasher lines are also replaced, as well as washing machine hoses. At the end of the process all pressurized water lines from your main shut off valve forward are replaced.

Is Repiping Really Necessary?

There are several reasons that make repiping a necessity, but one factor is the water itself. Areas that receive water from reverse osmosis plants such as Cape Coral, Ft Myers, PineIsland, Captiva, and Sanibel experience the greatest need for repiping, as this water, over time, breaks down copper piping leaving it prone to leaks. Most times a visible leak or damage is the first indication that repiping may be necessary.

Additionally, many homes and businesses in our area were piped with polybutylene, also referred to as Quest piping. Serious issues with this piping have lead to a class action lawsuit in the past and many homeowners are now seeing active leaks within their own homes.

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