Why is my sink leaking?

Why is my sink leaking?

Many of our Fort Myers plumbing issues start with a phone call in to the office stating, “My sink is leaking!” This is a very common plumbing problem and these leaks can be caused by many issues. Some are easy to spot and others need a little bit more investigating.

The 3 most common issues that can cause a sink to leak are:

1. Old or worn out caulking around the rim of the sink that can let water seep through and ruin your cabinets.

2. A loose connection on a faucet or water supply line.

3. A problem with the drain lines under the sink.

First, you should locate exactly where the leak is coming from.

1. To test to see if it is caused by old or worn out caulking take a wet sponge and squeeze the sponge along the rim of the sink. Now look underneath the sink and see if there is any water leakage under the sink.

2. To check for a loose connection take a dry towel along the lines to see if the towel becomes wet.

3. To test for a problem with the drain line fill the sink up with water and let it drain, as the sink is draining use a dry towel to see if any leaks are spotted.

Sometimes it can be hard to identify where these leaks are actually coming from, but finding a puddle of water underneath your sink or on the kitchen floor is a definite sign that it’s time to call Aztec Plumbing & Drains. When we are contacted with this situation here at Aztec, the first thing we tell our clients to do is to turn off the water to the sink, to make sure all faucets are turned off and to let the remaining water drain out.

If you think your sink is leaking or you have visible evidence, don’t let these issues go untreated. Make sure the water to the sink is turned off to stop any further damage from happening to your pipes, cabinets or floors. From there, Aztec Plumbing & Drains will diagnose the issue and have it repaired in no time. Aztec Plumbing is here to help you from A to Z!

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