The Downsides of DIY Drain Cleaning

The Downsides of DIY Drain Cleaning

You’re taking a shower and before you know it, you’re standing in a pool of water. You turn the sink on to brush your teeth in the morning and the water won’t drain. What do you do in these kinds of situations?

Well at one point or another, most all of us have purchased a liquid, gel, or powder drain cleaner to fix this issue. It’s simple, cost efficient, and you can do it yourself! Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always work, and even if it does, there are negative side affects that most of us fail to take into consideration.

How do liquid drain cleaners work?

Liquid drain cleaners are made up of extremely powerful chemicals that practically burn through stoppages. Some contain substances such as household bleach, peroxides, and nitrates. As they travel through our drain lines they release heat and gas to help clear stoppages.

The dangers

The first thing to consider about liquid drain cleaners is the fact that they are extremely toxic. They can burn eyes, skin, and eat through clothing. They can release poisonous fumes and if used improperly, could even cause an explosion!

The next thing you want to consider is how they will affect your home. Contemplate how they burn through stoppages and imagine what they can do to your piping. Because most of these products generate heat, they may soften PVC piping in newer homes and corrode metal piping in older homes. Liquid drain cleaners can even harm septic systems by killing beneficial bacteria and can mar bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

What should be done instead

The best thing to do in these situations is to call a drain cleaning plumber. Aztec Plumbing & Drains has the equipment to get the job done right and clear stoppages without causing damage to your piping. We also have a team of experienced plumbers who would be happy to explain exactly how they are completing the job and what it will take to prevent it from happening again in the future. If you have any sort of stoppage, feel free to give Aztec Plumbing a call!

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