How to Clean Your Shower Head Without Chemicals

How to Clean Your Shower Head Without Chemicals

Is your shower head not working like it used to? Mineral build up is a common problem that can cause water to squirt in all different directions or even reduce the water pressure in your shower greatly.

What we can do: To upkeep the mechanical and physical aspects of showers, regular cleaning is important. Wipe down the handle and shower head after use. This will keep the finish from spotting and will help maintain its original appearance. Deep cleaning is also crucial to keep minerals from building up and clogging the nozzles on your shower head.

If you want to clean your shower head without the powerful chemicals used in store-bought cleaning products, just use vinegar! If your shower head unscrews easily or extends, you can place the entire head in a bucket of vinegar and leave it there for about an hour. If that’s not possible you can fill a plastic bag with vinegar, submerge the entire shower head in the liquid, and secure the bag with a twist-tie. Leave it overnight and the vinegar will gently (and effectively) remove mineral build up. Run hot water for a few minutes afterwards to remove any trace of vinegar left over.

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